Rough Idea about my E-lit Piece

I have an idea of creating some stories about the old people who live alone. The reader can engaged in the story. For example, the reader is the only one that cares and accompanies the old man. You do things for him. But he does not know. Like an invisible man. Through the process, the readers can gradually know the story of the old man’s life.

I plan to set the background in a small cabin with some basic decoration. The outside weather is rainy. I would like to use sounds from the rainymood website to create the atmosphere. Hence, the home page goes like this: the left is a cabin with one old man, the right is a rainy environment.


Actually, I do not know how to make the animation and strengthen the interaction with readers. It is just a rough idea. I will mainly use hyper-text links to move forward the plot. Through this piece, a sense of isolation must be created. The readers can involved in the story, but what the readers do are unnoticed. The old man is still alone.

However, I think it is too easily-organized. I am thinking to put more content and more interaction methods into the story. (Maybe one rain drop is going to represent one section?)




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