My first E-lit reading experience: Twelve Blue

It is my first time to read an E-lit text. It is brand-new for me, also confusing.  Twelve Blue is like a veiled story for me since there seems to have so many contents which need the readers to construct further by themselves. However, every time when I reentered the literature piece, I will go through a different storyline. It has eight bars. The lines in the left sometimes intersect sometimes don’t. Hence, it was also a quite interesting experience for me to explore how the story goes.

Jessica Pressman’s article, “Navigating Electronic Literature” mentions a unique element of E-lit, which is navigation.  In Twelve Blue, there are many hypertexts connected through links like “Follow me before the choice disappears” and “‘So young…’ she sighs. As if the seasons were whose fault?”. Following the hyperlinks, readers can gradually step into the plot, redirecting a new reading path. I agree with Pressman’s opinion that unlike printed literature, electronic literature owns a more lively performance of expression through navigational interaction with readers in front of the electronic devices. Every part of the E-lit reading process affects its influence on readers.

The title of this electronic literature piece is Twelve Blue, and the background color and the font color of this electronic literature is dark blue. “Blue” seems to be the theme and keynote of this story. It can stand for enormous meanings. I felt a sense of melancholy when I went through roles, life, ambiguity, misery, misfortune, and other nonsensical objects. One thing I found very strange was that some hypertext links were blended into the background color when I restart the story. Hope I can discover more with Twelve Bule and investigate the design intent of it soon.



Jessica Pressman. 

Twelve Blue: Michael Joyce.


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