Like stars in a clear night sky

"Like stars in a clear night sky" is a hypertext piece by  Sharif Ezzat. Stories manifest as stars in the dark sky. Every story is displayed as a poem. When I open the work website, there is a voice spoken in Arabic that gives the introduction. By clicking the blue stars, I can see every... Continue Reading →



Separation by Anne Abrahams is an interactive Elit piece that discuss the relationship between people and computers. It is very relatable to the current modern society as it mentions technology. The text looks like a poem. As I click, the poem appears word by word. The first time I played, I tried to click quickly... Continue Reading →

Cruising & Elit Update

"Cruising" by Ingrid Ankerson and Megan Sapnar is an archive of digital poetry and its slide is controlled by the mouse. By moving the mouse up and down, readers can control the size of the text and image. By moving the mouse left and right, readers can control the speed of them. This piece documents... Continue Reading →

Icarus Needs

Icarus Needs is a game in which Icarus is falling asleep and experiencing everything in his dream. His girlfriend, Kit, is also in the same dream. They are both trapped in the command of the King of Squirrels. The most important thing for him is to wake up. In order to get out of the... Continue Reading →

Rough Idea about my E-lit Piece

I have an idea of creating some stories about the old people who live alone. The reader can engaged in the story. For example, the reader is the only one that cares and accompanies the old man. You do things for him. But he does not know. Like an invisible man. Through the process, the... Continue Reading →

With Those We Love Alive: A Dream of Trauma

“With Those We Love Alive” is a hypertext E-lit piece and Twine game by Porpentine. The title is derived from the Bhagavad Gita: "Better to live on beggar’s bread with those we love alive, than taste their blood in rich feasts spread, and guiltily survive." It is a nightmarish experience in an unknown world. You are given... Continue Reading →

Pieces of Herself

When I first entered the game, I felt a sense of crime and darkness, honestly. : ) The background was black and white, the atmosphere was full of mystery for me.  The rule of the game was clearly identified in the page. She had her pieces everywhere: shower, bedroom, outside, kitchen, living room, office, and... Continue Reading →

Blog#4 Brainstrips by Alan Bigelow 

Brainstrips is a quite interesting E-lit piece as it combines both visual and auditory approaches. In a nutshell, it is a three-part knowledge series as it says on the first page. When I read this piece, I felt like I was thinking all the way along my walk through. It really envoked my inspiration and... Continue Reading →

Blog#3 Hobo Lobo of Hamelin

Hobo Lobo of Hamelin is an Elit that mixtures several forms. The combination of texts, images, and sounds facilitates its effect on readers. The natigation design is quite understandable for me. There are totally seven pages. Every page has several sections. When read it, you can just go over page by page. Below the texts... Continue Reading →

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